Time to pull the trigger, and talk about Triggerfish!

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    Time to pull the trigger, and talk about Triggerfish!

    Time to pull the trigger, and talk about Triggerfish!

    There are about 40 different species of triggerfish that inhabit our oceans. Triggerfish can be brightly colored fish with lots of blues and greens and yellows or more subdued greys and blacks. Most triggerfish are considered to be quite aggressive. Some of the most notable of these are the Undulate trigger, the Titan trigger and the Queen trigger. But these guys make having a specimen tank worthwhile. Their personalities will remind you of a puppy – they get really excited when you walk in the room!

    Not all triggers need to be in a tank by themselves. There are many that make good companions in a community tank. Niger triggers, Pink tail triggers and even Humu Humu triggers can make good roomies for your fish only tanks. Although you should always use caution when introducing a triggerfish.

    There are even triggers that are Reef Safe! Yes, I said REEF SAFE! The best one is the Red Tail Trigger (also known as the Sargassum trigger).

    While many triggerfish are found in shallow or coastal habitats, some, such as the Spotted Oceanic Triggerfish (see below) enjoy open waters.

    …but what about the ‘trigger’?
    They use a set of spines to deter predators or to “lock” themselves into holes, crevices, and other hiding spots. The system can be “unlocked” by depressing a smaller, “trigger” spine.

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